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Bland, plastered wall…


100% Natural Wood Transformation!

Taking the market by Storm…

Add a touch of a cool, neutral and balanced colour to any interior space, by creating that ambience and effortless elegance. Give depth to contemporary living and working spaces by accentuating that perfect balance between modern and traditional. The Storm (grey-weathered) range is a perfect ‘neutral’, which is why interior designers often use it as a ‘neutral canvas’ to any setting.

No fuss and no mess. Each individual panel is treated with special care as it is hand-weathered, guaranteed to enhance your décor with its own unique wood grain and wood undertone characteristics.

This highly versatile product allows for easy application to: • Walls • Ceilings • Pub counters • Headboards • Table tops • Doors • Mirror frames and more…

Eco-plank wooden panels are used for a wide range of interior applications.

“I had so much fun doing this all by myself. I am looking forward to revamping another room soon!”

Ricardo Baloi

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