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OUR WEATHERED RANGE | Barrel, Beach and Storm

EcoPlank is 100% WOOD – beautifully aged and distressed, giving you the rustic look and feel of reclaimed wood. EcoPlank is skilfully handcrafted, using aging and weathering techniques to make new wood look old, distressed or weathered, therefor each wooden wall panel is unique in character and colouring, highlighting your wall with darker and lighter shades and tones. EcoPlank is packaged in 2.5 square metres which consists of 16 wooden panels. These panels can easily be cut into any size, considering it is only 3mm thick, 1.2m long and 135mm wide.

Our business originated from the love of reclaimed wood and the passion of transforming walls…

As you peruse through our selection, consider that EcoPlank will bring the warmth, depth and elegance of wood to your interior décor instantly. Our handcrafted treated, washed and weathered wooden panels, along with our dream will become the centerpiece of design within your space, making stylish wood wall cladding affordable for the average consumer – just peel and stick, whalla!

High-end & real wood products

The high and even quality of our production is based on a logistics chain that is carefully managed from forest to final product. Together with our suppliers, we select and use only the raw materials that are best suited for our production in terms of type and quality.

The consistency in the quality of our sawing and grading is very important to us. We always deliver the same high quality product and grade to meet your specifications. Whether it’s your first load or your tenth, every shipment you receive from us will be the same high quality and the same exacting standards.

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